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HUNT free ranging NILGAI in low fence country that has not been commercially hunted. Nilgai are the hardest to hunt and the toughest to kill of any animal on the North American continent. Hunting nilgai is addicting if you appreciate “The Hunt”.

Many of our customers who have hunted in Africa compare nilgai to Cape Buffalo in difficulty to kill. The meat is high on the list of desirable game meat. People with cholesterol problems choose to include nilgai meat in their diet because it has a very low cholesterol count.

According to Wes Reagan, one of our satisfied customers: “If you want to hunt a really good Nilgai bull, on a beautiful ranch with a great guy, book your hunt with Sam Ilse and Lomas Chicas Outfitters. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.”

Hunting Nilgai

At Lomas Chicas Outfitters, we offer hunting one of the most elusive animals known to man: the Nilgai Antelope. This animal is a native of India. He doesn’t have long or multi-pointed horns, but the bull and the female have an unbelievable fortitude. You will find the Nilgai to be one of the toughest (if not the toughest) animals to bring down and keep down.

Shot placement is so very important with these animals. They have such a will to live. The stories that all our hunters could tell would be endless. Many of our customers tell of comparing the Nilgai to the Cape buffalo.

We offer a spot and stalk hunt, where the excitement is overwhelming. We do not shoot at these animals while they are running unless they are wounded. They have eyes equal to an Eagle. And the big ears they have aren’t just for show!

We suggest using a 30 caliber or larger with a Premium Cartridge. Personally, I recommend the Barnes TTSX or LRX bullet. The Remington Trophy Bonded load has performed well also.

You will find the table fare of the Nilgai to be very good. And good for you.

We have 165 thousand acres of low fence fair chase area to hunt. The only animal we hunt is the Nilgai.

We offer numerous hunting packages. Please call to see if we can help with your needs.

We hope that you will choose Lomas Chicas Outfitters for your nilgai hunting experience.

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Terms and Conditions

Lomas Chicas Outfitters offers a unique hunting experience that will challenge your hunting skills. Our wound policy is once the animal is hit, the animal belongs to the hunter. If for some reason the shot taken is missed, the hunt continues for the duration of the hunting period booked. Lomas Chicas Outfitters will exhaust all measures known and available to us to retrieve your animal. For an additional cost of $800.00 and subject to availability, the hunter may choose to hunt the following day beyond the period booked.

One half of the total price of the hunt is required as a deposit and to book the hunt. The balance is due either 30 days before the hunt begins if paying with a check or at the beginning of the hunt if paying with cash (U.S. Dollars). Deposits are non-refundable. In case of emergency, the hunt may be rescheduled subject to availability.

Our 2-day hunts start just after noon the first day and continue through a 48 hour period. This will intentionally encompass a 3-day period and allow for adjustments due to inclement weather.

If arriving in Texas by plane to Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Falfurrias, or Kingsville, we will pick you up and shuttle you back in time for your return flight. * We would suggest and prefer Corpus Christi for commercial flyers. This will allow more time for your hunt.