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Hunt free-range Nilgai in Texas

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HUNT free ranging NILGAI in low fence country that has not been commercially hunted.

Nilgai are the hardest to hunt and the toughest to kill of any animal on the North American continent. Hunting nilgai is addicting if you appreciate "the Hunt".

Many of our customers who have hunted in Africa compare nilgai to cape buffalo in difficulty to kill. The meat is high on the list of desirable game meat.

Many people with cholesterol problems choose to include nilgai meat in their diet because it has a very low cholesterol count.

According to Wes Reagan: " 'In a nut shell' if you want to hunt a really good Nilgai bull, on a beautiful ranch with a great guy, book your hunt with Sam Ilse and Lomas Chicas Outfitters. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed."